Our success as a company is largely based on the talent and dedication of the people who work here. With more than 5,900 employees nationwide, Installed Building Products is committed to fostering a positive work environment that encourages professional growth and fulfillment. We are a dynamic, fast-growing company specializing in the sale and installation of a wide range of building products.

We are committed to hard work, we respect each person as an individual, and value superior customer service across all areas of our business.

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Ricardo C., Sales Representative

“When I started working here I had zero knowledge about insulation which was the only service we provided at the time. I took pride in my work and worked very hard; sometimes working 12 to 14 hours a day. My boss recognized my dedication and interest in learning as much as I about the services we do here at this branch location and soon after offered me a job as a field supervisor in our production department, in this position I learned even more about the installers and services we provide; we quickly expanded our products to include blinds, gutters and fireplaces. Still eager to learn I was given a chance to take a position as a salesperson and I am thankful to my boss and coworkers that have become my second family. I learned from them and continue to learn about our trades and how to do my job well.”

Ricardo C., Sales Representative

Ricardo C., Insulation installer

“It can be a challenge every day. I can learn something new every day and that’s nice. The crews I work with are pretty cool. Edwards/Mooney & Moses is by far the best insulation company to work for in Columbus!”

Mike K., Insulation Installer

Ricardo C., Gutter and Garage Door Installer

“I’ve learned a lot- better, quicker ways of working and keeping safety first. I like the people I work with. Edwards keeps me busy. I was able to do different jobs and learn new things.”

Austin G., Gutter and Garage Door Installer


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